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There are a lot of advantages to selling your home before you buy another. Chief among these reasons is that you double-leverage your money. It takes a lot of precise timing, but I pride myself on being a ‘timing ninja’ in situations like these.
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If you wait to sell before you buy, you can shop around for the best offer on your home, and could possibly receive an extra 5% for your home in a sale (if you use my marketing system). In my opinion, this is much better than having a contingent offer and rushing into another home. This way, when you go to buy a home, your contingent offer will not stop you from buying the home that you desire. It’s just a fact that sellers don’t love contingent offers.
There is the chance that you may need to find some interim housing, but my team is skilled, and a sticky situation like this can most likely be avoided. 
Otherwise, if you have enough money to buy a home before you move, then there is not a whole lot to be worried about. We’ll find you a good home, and then we’ll also have ample time to sell your old property for top dollar.
If you’re finding yourself in situations such as these, please don’t hesitate to contact my team. We would love to provide some assistance to you!
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