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When is the best time to sell your house? Over the last three years, market trends show the best time to sell begins in late February and ends by July. Additionally, there’s a rise in value during late February and early March each year. Demand increases in February, which helps drive those values up. We saw a slight seasonal shift in October. It took ten days (on average) longer to sell a house, and the average sales price decreased by 1%. Inventory has dropped, so sales are down slightly. However, the market remains fairly stable.

Bob Guest - pull quote 11.23.15

Rest assured: it’s a good time to sell your home. On average, it takes us 26 days to sell a home, and the market average is 42 days. Anything less than a month is incredible! Sellers can still get 99% of their asking price across the board. While the best time to sell might be in the spring, the holiday season provides an exceptional opportunity. This time of year, buyers are more serious. Thus, negotiations tend to flow smoother. People are more friendly this season, so it’s easier for buyers and sellers to agree. If you have any questions for us, give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you!