Are We Seeing a Sand Dune Market in Austin?


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The real estate market here in Austin is doing some strange things. It’s what I like to call a Sand Dune market. I heard this term from Gary Keller and it describes a shifty real estate market.

As inexplicable as it may seem, there is a reason for this topsy-turvy market. In the beginning of the year we had very low inventory and very high demand. Prices went up too fast and the market over-corrected, so after that the market shifted down, and then went back up in the summer when people needed to buy homes for the fall.

Right now we’re finding ourselves at the end of the overheating period, and we’re having a seasonal shift. However, other factors indicate that we’ve peaked, and we’re actually trending downward.

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We expect to see a fairly significant shift economically in the next 6-12 months, so I just want you to be prepared for that. If you’re looking to invest, then now may be a wonderful time to do so. People have houses that they don’t want to fix up and they’re selling them for a discount.

We’re in a strange market right now, but we can steer you towards a good home if you would like to purchase one. The key is to buy a home quickly, because the good homes are being bought up quickly.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to learn more about this market. As always, consider us your #1 resource for real estate in Austin

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