What do experts say about real estate in Austin?

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Austin Real Estate Market Update for Fall 2014

We wanted to give you a quick market update for here in the Austin area. The market has stabilized, and it’s currently very healthy. We are seeing strong inventories, causing the average days on market to increase as well.

Recently, the Austin Business Journal published an article saying that our market is overpriced. This had us and a lot of our clients confused. When we did some more research, we found that their claims were untrue and unsubstantiated. In fact, experts from Keller Williams have determined that our market is, if anything, slightly under priced based on the consumer price index.

We don’t see the market being overheated or overpriced at all, especially compared to other areas in the country. Be careful when you read articles regarding real estate, they are often untrue. The market is strong, with good inventory and lots of new homes coming on the market all the time.

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