Parks in Stone Canyon!


Brightwater Park ties the subdivision together with access along Brightwater Boulevard and Columbia Falls Drive. The extended park provides a long green belt between east and west Stone Canyon providing access to the pool and trails. This park features a covered picnic area (Pavillion), a play scape, swings and a spectacular climbing tree. (see above picture).Brightwater Park serves as an extension of the massive Brushy Creek Hike and Bike trail system.  When I visit here I notice that the children and parents who come here are often from other subdivisions!
brightwater park stone canyon round rock texas
Fern Bluff Park is adjacent to Fern Bluff Elementary on Park Valley Drive. This park has a pavillion, a soccer field, a basketball court, a tennis court, a playscape, swings, a Frisbee golf course and access to the hike and bike trails! 

See more pictures above.
Pavillion not shown.
Friendly Oaks Park is hidden in the south section of Stone Canyon along Montana Falls.  This park is an oasis for neighborhood children! (I can’t recall an afternoon where I have not seen children playing in this park. This park pulls children away from their video games and television sets)
Veterans Memorial Park is on Park Valley Drive at the eastern entrance to Stone Canyon and Fern Bluff Subdivisions.  It is a moving memorial to local soldiers and honors our military heros’!
Cheatham Park is hidden on Mountain Mist Lane and WildWater Way in the far west part of Stone Canyon. It is a large park that connects two large residential areas.
Olson Meadows Park is along the Brushy Creek Hike and Bike Trail just to the West of Stone Canyon off of Brushy Creek Road. This park is beautiful and has a nice pavillion. The bathroorms are locked and are only available to Fern Bluff MUD residents for $5 at the Community Center: Phone 238-0606.


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