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One of your largest pieces of marketing and advertising is the sale price of your Austin home. If you can nail down a good price from the get-go, you drastically reduce your chances of having a stressful home sale. The key to pricing your home correctly is to find the perfect market value. You don’t want to price too high or too low.

In order to get buyers to5.16 purchase your home, you have to create a ‘fear of loss’ mentality in their mind. You can do this by pricing your home modestly, so that buyers will see great value in the property and feel as if they’ve missed a good deal by not purchasing your home. This is usually what creates a bidding war and raises the value of your home tremendously.

When you price your home right at a fair market value, it will create a buzz. Buyers will not want to miss out on the opportunity to buy your home at such a fair price. This will probably cause them to offer even more money than the list price in order to secure the home. When this happens with multiple buyers, it steadily raises the price.

Buyers are savvy and they will know when you’re asking too much for a home. When this happens, they will ignore your listing and buyers will lose interest. It will then sit on the market and the price will decline steadily. This is why you shouldn’t price too high. Buyers are much smarter than they used to be.

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