FREE Family Song Book

guitar-1583461_640 I hope you enjoy this family song book as much as I have.  The book started out as a tribute to my Father. My Father would serenade our family on cool summer evenings around the camp fire.   My Father selected songs that were whimsical, ironic, sentimental or about animals.  “The Fox”, Abdul Abulbul Amir” “Erie Canal” and “Martins and the Coys” were clearly his favorites.  This book grew and a cousin of mine lent me many of his songs including “Melissa” and “Tingalyo”.  Feel free to change this book and let it take shape.  Add your own songs and family pictures.  This book is a great gift at family reunions, weddings and parties, especially when you know everyone’s favorite songs.   The chords shown are for guitar and many of my own notes have been added to explain strumming patterns or my own style of guitar playing.  Enjoy!

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