handyman-supercityone-1024x576Here is a list of vendors that I have personally used or that my clients have used.

DISCLAIMER : Con’s artists, and scams are everywhere so beware! Never wire funds without verification!   Vendor’s Past performance is no guarantee of future performance and we cannot guarantee that these vendors provide good work nor do we make any warranties with regard to the vendors provided.  Home construction contractors are not required to be licensed in Texas.  For residential real estate in the Austin area only plumbers, electricians and HVAC technicians are licensed. See the Texas Department of Licensing Website Visit:  for plumbers, and for more information.  If the vendor you hire is not licensed then you should verify that they are insured and bonded.

contract-1229857_960_720How to hire a Vendor: R O TS

  1.  R    RESEARCH the Job and Scope of work: Ask friends and neighbors.  Look online for information. YOUTUBE is a fantastic resource to find information about most any project.
  2.  O   OBTAIN VENDORS: ask for references, look for online references, call the references, talk to home improvement stores.
  3.  T    THREE BIDS in writing: scope of work, materials used, total cost.  Realize that some vendors bid high because they may not want the job at a competitive price.
  4.  S    SIGN a detailed Contract: Included should be a description of the work, a list of materials, a dollar amount of items, specify that the contractor must get the permit, start and completion dates, warranties and the contractor’s signature.

2000px-project-triangle-svgQuality, Service and Price DISCLAIMER:

I always say that with regard to vendors there are three selection choices to make:

1. Quality  2. service 3. Price   and you can only pick two of the three.   So most of my vendors listed here are high in quality and price and yet their service is not world class.  Do not rule out a vendor because they are slow to return your calls or seem less than excited.  It is likely that their quality is high and they are booked up two to three weeks ahead of time.

Never pay a vendor upfront in full. EVER.



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