Win Big Listing


Bob Guest's Win Big Listing Home Marketing System

Designed with YOU in mind.  Put more money in your pocket not ours! 

With the “Win Big Listing” you can feel comfortable and confident no matter how your home sells…even if you find the buyer yourself.

You win because you have complete flexibility from “Full Service” to “Do it Yourself”.

Most brokers charge the same fee no matter how your home sells.

(This offer does not apply for foreclosures, short sales or any property with referral fees, relocation fees, or properties under $200,000 in value)


We find the buyer and write the paperwork.

There are no other agents involved.

Our commission is just 5%.


You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved.

We write the paperwork and process it through closing for you.

Our commission is 1% or a *minimum of $1250.


Another agent finds the buyer.

Our commission is 3% and the other agent receives 3%.


You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved.

You don’t want our help with the closing or the paperwork.

You pay nothing. 

Easy Out 

If your not happy with us, for any reason, you have the right to FIRE US.  However, we think you’ll be happy with our extensive marketing, business systems and world class service.  We out sell the average agent 10-1.  We aren’t bragging…we are applying for an important job…we want to be YOUR REALTOR.

note: Recently I sold a listing in Georgetown where the previous agent was fired for some serious fiduciary issues.  Despite the obvious negligence and lack of service that agent held the seller to her listing contract.  The seller was 

forced to keep the house off the market for several months until that agreement expired.



Bob is a United States Naval Academy Graduate (Annapolis Class of 1982).  Bob is a firm believer in the honor code, going the extra mile and doing the right thing.  Always keep in mind that you never know how honest or capable someone is until there is a problem. Real Estate is full of all kinds of problems.   


We stage every occupied home.

Professional Photography with Floorplan and Virtual Tour

*We take professional photos of every home we sell with floorplans and virtual tours. * note: in some rare instances it does not make sense to take professional photographs (e.g. the house is in poor condition and the photos would not be a clear benefit.)