Unfortunately, myths about the market are every where.  In the Stone Canyon, Round Rock Texas area the market is STRONG, with a catch.

What I am actually seeing is that Nice Homes are selling in 45 days or less with STRONG prices that are competitive with even the best market over the past 10 years.  However, and this is very important, the buyers are SMART, SLOW and they are CHERRY-PICKING. What that means to you as a seller is if you have an UPDATED home (READ: Granite/Silestone Counters, Stainless Appliances, fresh paint and flooring)  your home will likely sell just as fast and for as much money as any market.   However, if you have FORMICA, old flooring and old white appliances…the buyers are passing and moving on to another home.

BONUS CHERRY PICKING: if your home has an in-ground pool it does get a 5% -15% premium in Stone Canyon, outdoor kitchens are a bonus too! Yards large enought to play in make a difference to.  One story homes are commanding a premium in today’s market.

POSSIBLE NEGATIVEs to SELLING: backing up to a busy street or being on a busy street.