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Today I wanted to talk about the hardest question in real estate: how to price your home! There is nothing harder to do for anyone to. It is very challenging to make sure that price is accurate. We use a deep and thorough analysis to make sure we have the correct price; this includes all factors in the marketplace because the market changes day by day.

What Are the Benefits of Accurately Pricing Your Home

If you know where the market is going to sense the value of your home, which is generally within $5,000, the benefits to you are huge. We know from Keller-Williams research that a house that is well priced will receive at least $4,000 more than a house that is overpriced. You want to price your home as high as you can, but pricing it too high could cost you much more than $4,000.

This makes it even more important that we get the most from your house, which means pricing it right. This is especially crucial in our strong Austin market; we know within 10 days, or 5-6 showings, whether your home is overpriced or not. We do know for a fact that if we price your home right, you will get much more money than if your home is overpriced!

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