Stone Canyon Entrance
Welcome to Stone Canyon

Spring is a great time to sell a home!

As you have heard it said: Real Estate Sales go up in the spring and summer!

My opinion why:  There is more time for buyers to look after work!  When daylight saving time goes away the buyers have access to LIGHT!  Who can buy in the DARK?

However, in Stone Canyon there is a little bit of a problem right now.  The main problem is that the homes are creeping up on 10 years old or have just passed 10 years old.  Buyers like to buy homes that are a few years old or homes that have been updated.  The problem in Stone Canyon is that most of the homes HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED.  Also, in Stone Canyon, the air conditioners, water heaters and double pane windows are reaching that critical time when they can DIE at any moment and buyers stay away from that.  The good news in Stone Canyon is that almost EVERY HOME has a new roof!

Other GOOD NEWS: Affordable homes are selling well as are one story homes.  So the homes priced at $200,000 or lower are moving at a nice stable pace.  Homes above $240,000 are SLOWER!  If the home is a two story home and above $240,000 then it is selling at the slowest pace.

Other good news: If the home is updated or on a greenbelt it is selling very well. If you have a third car garage and your updated and on a greenbelt you are in very good shape!

In short there is a lot of CHERRY PICKING going on right now!